Edification and urbanization

Edification and urbanization tenders

– Construction works of two auxiliary industrial units in the current closure of the central bomber park. City hall of Valencia. 2014.
– Construction of the health center of Benimaclet-II, Valencia. 2014.
– Restoration works of the Arcipestral church, Nuestra Señora de la Asunción de Vinaròs. Castellón. 2013.
– Construction project of the facades of the buildings of the minors and the childhood school of the Hogar provincial, Alicante. 2013.
– Construction of the investigation building in the plot 1st in the campus of Paterna of the Universitat de València. 2013.
– Extension to center 20+8 units of the IES Nicolás Salmerón, Almería. 2012.
– Access and environment urbanization of the incubator center of new companies with technological base. Scientist park of the Universidad de Alicante. 2012.
– Urbanization works execution of the general system of the technological infrastructure of the technological park of Fuerteventura. 2012.
– Improvement works of the infrastructures and equipment in the town of Sant Joan d’Alacant. 2012.
– Renovation and integral improvement project of the logistic center El Salobral, Madrid. 2011.
– Urbanization project of Casernes de Sant Andreu. Bagursa. 2011.
– Restoration project of the castle of Miranda de Ebro, 1st phase. 2011.
– Construction work project of a residence for old people in the avenue Santiago Madrigal, Salamanca. 2011.
– Project of the construction of the building for the energy investigation center of the Universidad de Huelva. 2011.