Performed port tenders

– Extension of the MSC terminal by the east in the port of Valencia. 2014.
– Project of the access to the new containers terminal of Cádiz. 2014.
– Project of actualization and finish of the access works to the port of Burela. 2014.
– Reconstruction of the protection layers in the south zone of the port of Bermeo. 2014.
– Improvement of the route of the access road to the south dock 2 in the port of Sagunto. 2013.
– Improvement and ordinance of the installations of the sail club Blanes in the port of Blanes. 2013.
– Installations for replacing the sand flux of the littoral deposit dynamic interrupted by the port of Granadilla. 2013.
– Extension of the manoeuvre zone of the terminal of the south dock, port of Barcelona. 2013.
– Constructive project and execution of the works of the submarine sewage pipe of the wastewater treatment plant of Lagares. 2013.
– Paving of the interior esplanade of the transversal dock of the east breakwater of the port of Valencia. 2013.
– New inspection installations in the south dock of the port of Huelva. 2013.
– Electrification in medium voltage of the cruises dock of the port of Valencia. 2013.
– Extension of the rail terminal in the south dock – phase IIB. 2013.
– Restoration of the docks of the port of Oran. 2013.
– Electrification in low voltage of the cruises dock of the port of Valencia. 2013.
– Pumping station installations for the fire protection net system of the extension of the port of Valencia in the cruises dock. Phase I. 2013.
– Partial demolition of the market and three exportation modules, port of Huelva. 2013.
– Constructive project of a subterranean road in the basin of the marine port, A Coruña. 2013.
– Urbanization project of the coastal dock, port of Barcelona. 2013.
– Alignment adaptation project of the number 2 dock of the port of Tarifa. 2013.
– North alignment extension project of the platform attached to the west breakwater. 2013.
– Urbanization of the dock of Energía. 2012.
– Intermodal rail terminal. 2012.
– Rail access to the enclosure of the dock of Fernández Ladreda. 2012.
– Rail line and splitting of the road for the ground access to the dump extension. Tramo 3. 2012.
– Width UIC rail access to the dock of Energía. 2012.
– Urban dock improvement of the north of the port of Gandía (Moll dels Borja). 2012.
– New container terminal of Cádiz. Phase I. 2011.
– Space port extension project in Caión (A Coruña) Portos de Galicia. 2011.
– Port installations in o Sardiñeiro (A Coruña). 2011.
– Space port extensión in the port of Caión 1st phase. 2011.
– Access adaptation of the port of Alicante for special transports. 2011.
– Urbanization of the dock extension of the cruises terminal of Cartagena. 2011.
– Extension of the south cruises berth. First phase. Port of Málaga. 2011.
– New access south extension. Phase 1A (APB). 2011.
– Pavement of the bulk terminal of the basin extension of the dump. 2011.
– Constructive project of the rail to the dock of Ferrazo. Phase 1. Vilagarcía port. 2011.
– Alternative project of the nautical-marina installations and urbanization of the shore esplanade of the port of Garrucha (Almería). 2010
– Esplanade modification of the dock of Reina Sofia and Nueva Galería (2010).
– New buildings of the services basin of the port Valencia APV. 2010.