Tender of the “Project of prolongation of the North Quay in the basin of Campamento, San Roque (Algeciras)”

The calculations to check the geotechnical stability of the North Quay prolongation in the basin of “Campamento” (San Roque) are developed in the tasks to participate in the tender of the Algeciras Port. Specifically, the different failure modes in the critical section of the caisson I-1, that acts as dry dock, are recalculated using three differents methods:

  • Analitycal Methods that are applied during the verification of failures modes related with the loss of the static equilibrium of the structure-ground system. Moreover, these methods are applied to identify the calculation hypothesis that are critics during the verifications of failure modes controlled by the ground resistance.
  • Limit equilibrium methods, such as the numerical model SLIDE 5.0 (Rockscience) and GEO-SLOPE 2007. These softwares analyces the slope stability and generate potential failure surface determining the most critical ones and evaluating the corresponding factor of safety. The geotechnical failure modes are used during the verification.
  • Numerical models of finite elements, that are used to analize the tense-deformational behaviour of the ground through the PLAXIS models. The 2D version determinate the factor of safety of the quay against the geothecnical failure modes about global stability. And the 3D version is used to calculate the failure mode about collapse.

Finally, the pavement of the North Quay prolongation is also recalculated, taking into account that the expected uses are industrial. The method of the spanish guiadance ROM 4.1-94 is used.