Environmental restauration of the Altea’s urban area coastal facade

The main objective of the project constructions is ending the transverse barrier effect than constitute the presence of “El Charco” (the puddle), between the urban area and the maritime facade and giving continuation to the coastal line, joining the beaches placed at the south and north of “El Charco”. The works consisted in:

  • Sustitute “el Charco”’s dock and the breakwaters next to the parking by an artificial beach.
  • The construction of a “T” form breakwater in front of the existing parking between Roda beach and “El Charco”, and a breakwater at the north of “el Charco” like stabilization works.
  • The maritim walk adaptation to the coastal front that is created with the new artificial beach, adapting the itinerary and creating new Access.
  • Canalize the current “Clot de Mingot” ravine.

The redaction of the technician documentation for the work execution tender of the Altea’s urban area coastal facade icluded, among other works, the following:

  • Estructural calculation revision of the walk walls using the CYPECAD program.
  • Coastal dynamic calculation revision with the objective of complete the design of the walks and the beach.
  • 3D graphic models where the constructive process is shown for the correct execution of the construction and a detailed environmental acting program for guarantee the minimal environment affectation.