Estructural remodeling project of the antique dock of Armamento, Port of Sevilla

The collaboration inside the project consisted in the analysis of the structural performance of the dock of Armamento in the Port of Sevilla, composed by structural modules with U shape supported by vertical pilings rammed in only one section. For making it, it has been applied the Maritime Works Recommendations in force.

In the first phase is made the simplified analysis of the current dock against the operatives charges that are expected during its use, checking only the pilings and the base slap. In this slap there are deficiencies due to don’t accomplish the requirements respect the bottom armour.

For fixing this problem there has been proposed a solution that consists in a reinforcement by buttress walls between the capping wall and the rear wall. In this case, there has been made a deeper analysis, in the action details considered and in the calculation model, setting out geotechnical and structural fail modes.

The structural verification has been made using the calculation program SAP-2000, specifically, using a calculation model by finite elements. This model represents a stretch corresponding to the distance between the vertical pilings axes in the first phase and a module of the dock of Armamento in the second phase.

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