Basic/Plan Project (Phase 2) Marina Real Juan Carlos I, Puerto de Valencia

The main goal of this project, which are performed in cooperation with the Company Cotenaval, is to carry out a quay-dike use change in the south basin of the Marina Real Juan Carlos I. Therefore, the stability of the quay-dike (section 1) is verified in order to adapt it for the new use as a shipyard of sport boats, by checking the limit states of the normative.

Due to the fact that the shipyard works are going to be carried out by the installation of a floating dock for the boat mooring, the system to join the quay and the floating caisson is designed.

Moreover, it is also verified the structural stability of the mooring pontoon 1 for the new conditions of docking and mooring that are expected by the Autoridad Portuaria of Valencia. So, the validity of existing mooring system for the new fleet of megayachts is verified.

The demolition, urbanization and paving works which are needed to adapt both structures for the new use are described and are developed.

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