Technical Support in the civil works of the Small Boats Marina, Port of Gibraltar

This work takes place in the Gibraltar Harbour and consist in the construction of a new quay with caissons which are designed to attenuate the wave reflection. Ingeomar, in collaboration with Sotoval and CYES, provides technical support during the construction of the caissons. This means that it provides effective follow up during each of the required steps.
The works of Ingeomar are the following ones:

  • The concrete reinforcement design verification of the capping beam including service conditions with surcharge and bollard loads. Due to the fact that the two inner harbour cells rows are connected to the sea in order to attenuate the wave reflection of the caissons, precast concrete slabs are used for the construction process. The concrete reinforcement design has been performed according to BS EN 1992-1-1:2004 (with the UK National Annex), and the “EHE-08”.
  • The recommendations for the design of the pavement on the caissons between the inner and harbour caping beams. Taking into account the traffic loads, the structural desighn described in R.O.M. 4.1-94 for the pavement of the small boats has been followed defining a solution with concrete slabs with printed concrete surface.

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