Constructive Project of rehabilitation of the Tablada quay, Puerto de Sevilla

Performance of the annex and structural calculations related to maritime Works among which are included:

  • Stability check: It is carried out to the Tablada quay, whose last “Proyecto Reformado” dates back to 1945, and consist on two stretches: 800m of singular quay with arch vault and 410 m of blockwork quay. In order to do this verification, the cross-sections types of each stretch are defined and the calculating actions are set out with the current criteria, comparing them with those of the original project. Finally, the verification ecuations that are raised are solved from the failure mode which are set in the ROM normative.
  • Design of the pavements: The section type is defined following the normative ROM 4.1-94 in both action zones. In the first one, the existing pavement in the damaged zones is repaired and, in the second one, it is completely replenished with a package slabs and a artificial graded base.
  • Drainage network: A new storm drainage system is designed in order to avoid the accumulation of water and waste, which comes from portuary activities in the esplanade.

Maritime works projects