Project of extension and improvement of the beach of Balito, Mogán (Gran Canaria) and licence of the beach services

This project is developed in the coast of Mogán, in the south of the Gran Canaria Island. It’s a zone that has experimented a big transformation, having before a farming use and then a touristic exclusive use.

The main objective of the project of extension and improvement of the beach of Balito is the recovering of the landscape quality and the remodelling for the touristic demand of the zone. Furthermore, it has to be considered the conservation of the natural values of the coast as one of the main touristic attractives for doing an actuation in the zone.

So, it has been considered the regeneration of the current beach of Balito beach in the most natural way possible, avoiding the introduction of materials or infrastructures that can give an artificial image, like the breakwaters, concrete blocks or beach bottom bases. The result of the actions is the recovering of a stretch of a degraded coast, with the improvement of the urban-touristic landscape of the Balito ravine and the functionality conditions of the beach.

The actions consist in the regeneration of the beach with the execution of a submerged platform, distributing the existent materials in the old cove that can be as a support for the subsequent sediment contribution (thickness sand) to its active profile. Moreover, in the rear of the beach it will be placed a maritime walk of 6 wide meters for facilitate the access to the new beach and make longer the maritime walk along the coast. It will be also ordered the beach services, including the distribution of the hammocks and the location of two food and drink establishment.

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