Dune restoration in the beach of “La Creu”, Valencia (Valencia)

Interventions to planning of a stretch of the coastline of “La Creu” in El Saler (Valencia) being an integral part of the Strategies for the defense of the terrestrial-maritime public domain in the Demarcación de Costas in Valencia.

The first goal, which is a structural one, is the consolidation of a ridge of dunes that is able to be an integral part of the sedimentary resistant structure in order to prevent floods and losses of material during the storms. On the other hand, The área that is affected by some facilities is pretended to re-naturalize. These facilities, which are mostly sportive, were abandoned in the “La Albufera” enviroment.

The works area, which is divided in two stretches, has an approximate total lenght of 887 metres and an average width of 16.5 metres. It takes up an space of 1361 hectares.

The proposed interventions in order to get the objectives, were the following:

  • Morphologic restoration of the dunes system by means of the formation of a new one with the recreation of the ridge of dunes,and also the recreation of a second ridge (discontinuous) with depressions between the alignments.
  • The sand dune fixation by means of a system of biodegradable stockades or palisades and the plantation with local species of dune ecosystems.

The filler sands for the restauration of the ridge of dunes are extracted from the Cabanyal beach, which is located next to the northernmost corner of the port, so the transport is carried out by dumpers.

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